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iFuntv: Complete review by professionals




The name shows itself, iFuntv is a TV broadcast channel service originating from Chinese companies for those Chinese living abroad. This channel allows them to enjoy TV shows on the internet, they also provide similar internet platforms for this i.e.: Apple TV, Prime, Netflix. Ifuntv provides entertainment to its users in the form of entertaining shows, dramas, movies, actions, short stories, and video contcontentm different Chinese content creators. 

It was the best online content platform for the Chinese community worldwide. This service of iFuntv started in 2019 with the domain name The management always played the best role, they also launched the iFunTV application, iFunTV iOS app, and desktop versions for the wide community. In this article, we will delve into the depths of the iFunTv app, and the history of its creation for the Chinese community. 

What is iFunTV?

iFunTv is an internet company that was founded by overseas Chinese and served overseas Chinese. iFunTV is very easily accessible in that it is available on all platforms and works pretty well across Windows Desktops, iOS, MacBooks, and Android smartphones. The design of it is easy, and friendly to all users. iFuntv uses many latest technologies that provide users with a smooth video experience, and a huge video library with a capacity of 2PB. This service covers more than 1,5000 movies, European and American blockbusters, TV dramas, variety shows, and many animations. 24/7 availability of uninterrupted work which ensures the timeliest updates of the whole network. 

Transitions in the iFunTv app:

As a leader in the whole video industry, it will be committed to actively establishing industry standards and leading the video industry pattern and pattern of the Omni-media era. There are various transitions in Chinese web TV platforms. In the past, the iFuntv platform was discontinued and their website displayed a message. The message was “This site is Closed”. After some time, the replaced the iFun TV app with content availability. The iyf. TV is a fully working platform for the Chinese Community worldwide. 

What iFunTv/iyf. Tv offers?

The iFunTV/ iyf.TV is an online Chinese video application website for the people of Chinese living in the US, Europe, or other areas of the world like all other video platforms Amazon Prime, Apple TV Disney, Netflix, and Chrome Cast. You can watch diverse content on the iFun TV app, variety shows, Cartoons, Entertainment, life, Technology shows in the Chinese language. Both free and premium opportunities are available on iyfTV, you can watch free content or buy a premium subscription to watch the content. In the free version, you will be unable to skip ads, and you will advertisements after 15-20 minutes of watching. 

After buying a premium subscription, you can go beyond advertisement and watch high-quality pictures and avail ad-free movie-watching experience. Moreover, you can unlock prime-time shows with high-quality experience. VIP subscribers can download online episodes through different smartphones, and computer devices with high efficiency. Check it out and enjoy fast downloading of videos and other content. You can get the iyf.TV from iyf. tv app or ifuntv application from the official website. 

Difference between free and VIP users of iyf/ iFunTV:

You can enjoy all the video content with high picture quality on multiple devices including, Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS. You can download the iyf.TV application for both Android as well as iOS. 

iFunTV for Free Users:

  • You can watch online Chinese movies, and news without any limit
  • You can watch a variety of online TV dramas and prime videos without any expense
  • Video quality is limited to 480p resolution
  • You can not download videos for offline use
  • You will have to face advertisements after 15-20 minutes of watch time, and these are unskippable. 

iFun TV for VIP users:

  • You can change the video quality up to 4k 
  • You can download the online shows to watch them later
  • You can ask for specific videos
  • They disguise your identity
  • You will have ultra HD quality in the paid version of iFun TV.
  • You can rate the program on your own. 
  • It is affordable at only 15Euro per month

Top 5 iFun TV alternatives:

No doubt, iFun TV is an unmatchable service for the Chinese and for Chinese followers all over the world. But they also have some issues and because of this, their website is down. But you need not worry because we have an alternative to iFun TV, the whole details are given below. 

FTV Media Network:

The iFunTv has a paid version which could be a brainer for some users. Here are some best alternative options. The FTV media network provides an online streaming service for a complete television experience and shows. Moreover, you can read Mews and short stories on their official website in the Chinese language which is unmatchable. But you can watch them online and can not save for offline. 

Bedtime TV:

The Beijing Time website and the news client(APP) were established on April 12, 2016. These were created under the propaganda of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China. They are among the Beijing-level financial media platforms and Television stations. The Beijing Time website and application are authorized by Beijing Time Co., Ltd. 

iFunTv and iyf.TV is identical to each other. They both provide similar facilities to their users. The iyftv has the same platform, as iFunTV provided in the past. It offers a variety of Chinese movies, Chinese dramas, technology, News, Fashion News, Entertainment, and Chinese Celebrity Gossip. You can install them online and also buy the subscription after installation. You can enjoy all these video contents on your Desktop screens, smartphones, and iOS devices in the Chinese Language. 

Duonaovod TV: iFunTv Alternatives

The Duonaovod TV is another alternative to iFun TV where you can watch all the cartoons, Leatherboards, shows, and online TVs in Chinese language. You can directly visit their website Moreover, simplified its features for its users. It has a Live TV option where you can watch CHC HD Movies, FOX Sports, Guangdong Satellite TV, and Liaoning Satellite TV. 

CCTV Media Network: An Alternative of iFun TV

The CCTV Media Network is the most prominent Chinese media network that has a massive number of categories. It expands its services from News to electronic visual services like TV shows, and hosting programs. It is known as the national TV of China that covers News around the World. You can watch CCTV channels from the official website. It is widely spreading the Chinese Culture. 


Can we watch videos on iFun TV offline?

No, it is an internet-based platform. 

Does iFun TV work offline?

It is a Chinese-based online content provider platform and presents content in Chinese. 

How to watch movies on iFun TV on other apps?/ What is the alternative to iFun TV?

You can watch all their content on other applications given in the article.

Is the iFun TV app available on the Play Store?

You can download the iFunTV from third-party Android app stores. It was available on PlayStore and the iOS Appstore in the Past. 

Is The iFun TV the only option for Chinese abroad to watch content in their native language?

We have already narrated the best alternative to iFun TV, which offers Chinese Content.


It is pretty much everything our team has shared about iFunTV. No doubt, it was the best choice in the past few days. But with time, many players have played in the industry. iFUNTV. Is easily accessible and easy to use.  

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