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Fat Albert:



Fat Albert is an American comedy film. It is based on a 1972 animated TV series. Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids was created by Bill Cosby. The title character was Kenan Thompson. Fat Albert usually transforms cartoon characters into 3D humans. They The whole story between Fat Albert and the gang is that the gang entered the 2000s real world after leaving behind the 1970s cartoon world. The purpose behind this was to help a teenage girl who was tackling the challenges of being unpopular. Doris Roberton was dealing. This film was released on December 25, 2004. This film fat Albert and the Cosby Kids grossed $48million against a $45 million budget. 

Plot: Complete Summary of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids:

Doris Roberston is a depressed girl and teenager. She remains grieving the death of her grandfather and resisting her sister Lauri’s hard work and efforts to engage society. She is in North Philadelphia. After learning, it was learned that her parents will be away for a business trip of two days in the Poconos. The teenager; Doris Tear hits the television remort even the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids were on during hiting. When the tear opens up the portal to see the world of cartoons, Fat Albert jumps out of the television upon seeing Doris; as he knows Doris has a problem.

Other ones including Rudy, dumb Donald, <ushmouth, Old Weird Harold, and Bucky also jump out. Russel gets to know Bbill to stay put and cover for them. Doris keeps saying she is fine, but the gang knows. They have to wait until tomorrow’s show to come back after the live show. They follow depressed Doris to School and are super amazed by the new technology. Albert becomes furious with Lauri. An annoying schoolmate named Reggie has a crush on Lauri. He challenged Albert to a track race, and Albert won the race. Gang wants to help Doris, so, they persuade cheerleaders to invite all of them to an outdoor party. Doris agrees after some reluctance. Doris dances with Albert at the party. Reggie tries many times to make Lauri feel jealous while dancing with Doris. He kisses Doris forcibly to make Lauri notice him. At this, Doris yells at him and runs off. After seeing this all, Albert warns Reggie to stay away from Doris. The next day, Doris goes to school but before going she asks the gang to go to the park instead of following her. 

Harold joins a basketball game and he plays perfectly. Mushmouth, who can not talk normally, is taught how to speak in a better way by a girl. Donald goes to the library to remove his pink face-covering hat and read books. 

When Doris takes three gang members: Bucky, Harold, and Donald-jump into the television. Breaking News interrupts the show before the other four gang members can enter. Albert, Doris, and Bill have an argument and conflict about going back. On a junk-made car, Lauri and Doris go to a fair. Doris says she would date Rudy in case if he were a real person. 

Fat Albert meets his creator, Bill Cosby, and he tells him of the whole dilemma. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Albert.

  1. Where does the movie/Cartoon take place?
  2. Which character, from Fat Albert’s gang, does not come out of the TV with everyone else?
  3. Whose parents throw her a block party in the neighborhood?
  4. Why has Doris become Sad?
  5. When Fat Albert returns to the TV, whom is he able to convince not to run away?                                                       

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