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iphone 15: Complete guide




We expect the next generation of iPhones to be launched in September, the iPhone 15 series. Everyone is in wait for this new series but no one can stop leakers from talking about it. Rumors are that two colors of iPhones are expected: two pro ones and two regular ones. 

Expected iPhone 15 colors:

As with the previous generations, we expect the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max in the same color. According to rumors, the colors are most likely to be Starlight; a white shade, midnight; a black shade, product RED, and the two new ones: Light pink and light blue. An Apple leaker who goes by @URedditor on X posted once on Twitter that the iPhone 15 will come in several colors including pink, black, blue, and green. The signature color is rumored to be red, possibly red hue this year.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 plus colors(Rumored):

  • Light blue
  • Starlight
  • Midnight
  • Light Pink

iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro max colors(Rumored):

  • Gold(could be replaced by a darker gray hue rumored as Titan Gray)
  • Red(expect to be replaced by Dark blue color)
  • Black 
  • Silver

Different colors for the regular ones and the pro series are expected this year again. Usually, the regular iPhone comes in fresh and youthful colors and the pro ones get the deep and darker colors. 

Midnight:iPhone 15 and 15plus(Rumored)

Dark color or almost black midnight color usually reduces glare while using an iPhone in bright environments. Dark colors project a sense of professionalism and seriousness.


Starlight color iPhone is a warmer shade and expected to be seen in iPhone 15 and iPhone 15plus. It gives a subtle glow.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 plus(Product RED):Rumored

We are hoping to see Product Red colour in the iPhone 15 series which is very eye-catching. It is also a support to HIV/AIDS programs, malaria prevention, and more. 

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro max colors: (Rumored)

Rumors are showing Apple is going to replace traditional Gold with Titan Gray color. 

Rumored earlier red color may not happen this time and the Signature color of the iPhone 15 pro is likely to be Dark blue color this year. Last year, The signature color was Deep purple.

Goodbye, lightning port:

It is expected that the new series iPhone 15 will have a USB-C port. According to Mac Rumors, the EU is warning Apple about limiting the speed of uncertified USBC cables for iPhones. A couple of years ago the EU(European Union) was working on a law that would make USBC mandatory for phones sold in the EU by the fall of 2004 and then in October they gave final approval for a law that would force Phones to switch to USBC and that law means if Apple wants to continue selling iPhones in EU which was definite then they have to switch lightning to USB type-C and then of course in October 2022 Apple confirmed themselves that the iPhone will follow the new USBC law and a couple of months ago the leaker unknowns 21 confirmed that apple is switching to USBC one year early with the iPhone 15 lineup that is coming later this year. Users using USBC in the world other than the EU will also face slow charging through third-party cables other than lightning cables.

According to some leaks, the C-port cable will have braided colors matching to iPhone and it is expected that these cables could be even longer 1.5meters instead of one on the current cables.

Restricting Features of iOS:

It was revealed that iOS already has a new hidden system to restrict specific features based on the user’s location the new system internally called ‘country D’ was silently added with 16.02 but is not actively used for anything so far. If someone in the world other than EU side loading will be locked out it will not work at all. You must have Apple ID logged in EU for side loading to work and it means you are not going to be able to buy an EU iPhone and get it over here and have the feature work Apple. 

Will the Apple iPhone 15 series have an action button?

It is rumored that the iPhone 15 will have action and can be used by users to perform the following tasks:

  • Ring/Silent
  • Lock/Unlock Screen
  • Take screenshot
  • Show the lock screen
  • Show the home screen
  • Enable/do not disturb 
  • Turn on/Off the flashlight

iPhone 15 Changes:

According to the rumors Apple will launch its 15 series with small changes like a titanium body, lightly round edges, and a small change in haptic button style.

iPhone 15 Launch Date:

In 2022 Apple launched the iPhone 14 series and also launched a new model iPhone 14 Plus This year Apple didn’t change the model but short changes will appear in the 15 series like the USB-C port, titanium body, and rounded edges. There is no exact news from the Apple store about it. According to the Rumors the show will held on 24 September at Apple Park and Apple will launch the new iPhone 15 series.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In what colors iPhone 15 will come?

According to the Rumors, all model’s colors remain the same except for 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.

Will Apple increase the prices of iPhones in 2023?

Yes, It is expected that there might be a chance that Apple will increase the price of the 15 series.

Will the iPhone 15 series get a USB-C port?

Yes, Apple will launch the new 15 series with the USB-C port.

Will the iPhone 15 series have buttons?

Yes, the new 15 series will launch with buttons and also with a small change in the haptic button style.

Will the iPhone 15 series have haptic buttons?

Yes, the new 15 series will launch with a small change in haptic button style.

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